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DISC personality profile test

As some of you know already, a few years back I started learning about coaching.  Coach V had taught me quite a bit about DISC personality tests. What the letters D-I-S-C stand for is the four different personality types that we all have ingrained in our being.

In understanding DISC Testing, it is important to understand that each of us has all four of these characteristics in our personality. Some aspects are more dominant than others. DISC Testing can be incredibly valuable to you in all areas of your business. 

 First is the D which stands for dominance.  Next is I which stands for inspirational. S is next which stands for steadiness.  C comes last which stands for conscientiousness or consistency.

 I didn't realize how important this was until I started examining the different personalities in my office. It is SCARY how accurate these reports are.  They can tell you exactly:

  1. Who you are
  2. What are your strengths
  3. What are your weaknesses
  4. How you work best
  5. How to motivate you
  6. How to demotivate you
  7. Who to surround yourself with

If you haven't looked into DISC testing, trust me, it will be the best $50 you ever spend. For those of you who are employers, DON'T EVER HIRE SOMEONE UNLESS YOU GET A DISC TEST DONE!! Many times you'll know exactly what you are going to get even before they start.

Want some more info? Let me know & I'll be happy to give you some input.  For those familiar with DISC testing, let me know what you think. Better yet, let all of those reading this blog know what the real deal is about DISC testing!

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Yes I have done this training a couple years ago, it is great!  Many agents should take advantage of it!  :)
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