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Over the past few weeks we have been utilizing the power of the internet/website combined with our database marketing to really get our lead generation up there. After reading an article from one of the website companies, I was shocked to see that 98% of the websites that realtors & mortgage people have don't work at ALL!!! So I decided to really put some time & effort into this.

I was absolutely shocked at what I found out. I have a site with  For about 7 months now I've had the site but didn't get one lead from it.  WHY?  Because my website didn't have anything there to attract people to sign in or give their information.  I mean really, there was nothing at all.  So I decided to get some suggestions & WOW didn't it ever make a huge difference.

Bottom line, you need to think like the consumer.  What do YOU want to see when you go to a site?  We want to get the information NOW! We don't want to scroll through a ton of pages to get to one piece of information that may or may not be valuable. You want information not a cool page that does backflips etc.  It doesn't need a ton of fancy bells & whistles.  It needs content, fresh content as well as a reason for people to give their information.

Now let me clarify that I am completely new at this.  Well almost new.  So I want to know two things from everyone out there. First, from those that have experience with attracting web traffic, what do you do to get traffic to your website & get consumers to inquire about your services.  Second what would your advice be to all of us newbies out there that want to utilize the power of the web? 

Please feel free to visit my website that is still under construction at .  Any suggestions on my personal website is greatly appreciated!!

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Comment balloon 3 commentsJoe Gonzalez • March 08 2008 12:45PM


Joe, glad to hear the changes you made had such a great impact on your business... What exactly did you change that increased your leads? We get leads from our website, primarily people registering for property searches or asking for more information on particular properties. Many of them, though, are people who are on 10 different websites and already have a Realtor... There's a lot of sifting that must be done..
Posted by Shannon Jones, Long Beach CA Real Estate (The Shannon Jones Team) about 12 years ago
Joe, I have totally reinvented my website several times.  I am actually going through the process again. Because my website keeps going down with the other provider.  The one thing I have realized is the less a client has to give you the better the response.  I now just ask for name and email address.  I get a lot more response to my offer.  Then I drip email the prospect with more information.  If a client doesn't contact me after 6 emails I drop him.  The draw back is no phone number to follow-up with the prospect. But the clients that do call me via my drip email campaign are golden.
Posted by Jimmy McCall, The Ex-Mortgage Consultant ( about 12 years ago

Sifting is always necessary when it comes to internet leads but the bottom line is the law of large #'s.  You need to link to every possible free site out there & get the word out about your company & why people should be using you.  If you don't, it's like having the best product in the world that no one knows about!  So get out there & get it done!!

Posted by Joe Gonzalez, NMLS# 126036 (610) 739-6563 (CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC NMLS #3029) about 12 years ago