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98% of realtor websites fail!! I'll tell you why!!

For the last few weeks here, I've been really working hard on my website.  Now let's get something straight, I'm not the end all be all of internet marketing.  In matter of fact, I'm quite new.  But in a few weeks, I've gone from having no web presence to being ranked first on google, yahoo & AOL when you type in joe gonzalez mortgage.  This is no small feat taking into consideration that the name Joe Gonzalez is as common as John Smith. But it wasn't hard at all.

The first thing everyone needs to do is ask yourself, what do I want to see when I am on a website for real estate.  Ask yourself as if you were the consumer.  Fancy webpages with glitz & glitter & buttons & sounds & etc. etc etc. just doesn't cut it. Remember, people use the internet to get in & get out while they remain anonymous. They don't want to be impressed with how great you are or how many buttons there are on your page.  You need to give them real content & a real reason to keep on coming back.

But if your like me, you probably don't know where to start. Well its actually very simple.  Note that I didn't say it wasn't going to take you some time but it is simple. gives online seminars & has videos that literally walk you through everything.  You just need to follow instructions.  Step by step, do exactly what they tell you to do.  But don't get caught up in designing your website although this is important.  You need to also get your website out there.  PUT IT ON EVERYTHING.  Of course you have it on activerain but add it to craigslist, myspace (its actually not just for you teenage son or daughter), linkedin, etc., etc.  Put it on every listing sign you have.  Your email signature should have a huge WWW.YOURWEBSITE.COM on it. 

The last step that really helped me to get out there was this.  You need to offer free stuff.  A free report, a free CD, a free whatever.  Remember that the general consensus out there is that if its free, its ____________.  Yeah everyone knows the saying, if its free, its for me!! 

Now I know there is a ton more you can do but again, I'm the new guy that has tried a few things out, have gotten about 30 leads in the last 2 weeks & 2 real deals from this.  I know there are people out there that have this system down to a science.  So please let me know what you are doing.  I'm looking for responses not just from realtors but also from mortgage people.  Feel free to visit my website at & let me know how I can improve my website.

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