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Tips for Handling Disgruntled Clients


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The only constant in the financial markets is change, a concept that can sometimes scare, confuse, and even anger some of our clients and associates. And, while we may have no control over certain delays and hiccups in our transactions due to these changes, we can control how we react to the frustration of our clients.

The following are three basic steps to consider when dealing with an upset or angry client. Utilize these steps to salvage your relationships and save your commissions.

Step One: Listen, and take careful notes.
Allow your client to vent all of his or her frustrations without interruption. By being the shoulder they can cry on, you have a much better chance of diffusing the situation and preserving the relationship.

Step Two: Take responsibility.
Whether it's your fault or not, take responsibility and apologize for the frustration he or she is experiencing. Don't make excuses! If nothing else, this action takes away any further arguments that they might have had on the subject.

Step Three: Provide solutions.
How are you going to remedy the situation and make things right? Can you make things right? Be prepared to answer these questions and, more importantly, be prepared to provide actual solutions that make sense for everyone.

One of the biggest mistakes professionals make in this situation is attempting to defend or even argue his or her case. Almost always misperceived, this type of communication only makes things worse, creating conflict that puts others on guard or makes them even more upset than they were to begin with.

By utilizing these basic steps, it's possible, in most situations, to avoid a nasty confrontation and achieve a positive outcome for everyone involved.

If you have any other successful strategies on this important topic, please don't hesitate to call me! I'm always looking for ways that we can improve our businesses together.

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Comment balloon 3 commentsJoe Gonzalez • March 31 2008 09:52AM


Good information! I have found that many in our industry, especially appraisers like myself, are often not very good at this. I think it's because we get paid for our opinion which often makes us very opinionated and we will try to defend it, right or wrong. While many of us could make great attoneys, it's not very good for customer service.

Posted by Benjamin Smith, Atlanta Area Appraiser (Apex Appraisals & Consulting) almost 12 years ago

It's important for all of us to just keep our cool in all situations.  That's pretty damn hard though sometimes.  Last week for maybe the 3rd time in my entire 12 years in the business, I lost my cool due to a bank turning a client down after 1 month in underwriting & the problem came down to she really didn't even look at the file!! I lost it!! But in the end I apologized because you know what? We have to ALWAYS be cool no matter what happens!

So I'm glad the tips were of some help.  Just keep on pushing & do your best!!

Posted by Joe Gonzalez, NMLS# 126036 (610) 739-6563 (CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC NMLS #3029) almost 12 years ago
Good information, yes always let them vent many time once they are done they aplogize.
Posted by Doris Freeman, Broker/Agent, Realtor, Madison-Gibson-Crockett (RE/MAX REALTY SOURCE) almost 12 years ago