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We all know the Golden Rule, which states, "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you."

Dr. Tony Allesandra, a national public speaker, quotes The Platinum RuleTM*, "Do unto others as they would want you to do unto them."

Personality profiling should be a major component of what you do on a daily basis in your business practices. It reaches deep into the area of sales and understanding your clients better, as well as how you relate to the members of your team. There are many different types of personality profiling techniques available today. I highly recommend DiSC® Testing. The four letters, D-I-S-C represent the four main personality types.

"High D" personality types are drivers. This is the "type A" individual who constantly strives for excellence, shows a significant degree of impatience, and is the dominant individual in the decision-making process.

"High I" personality types are influencers. They are social people, and are tremendous referrers. They are people you want to create alliances with, because they will bring you a significant amount of additional business in the future.

"High S" personality types are supporters. They make ideal team members, and are more concerned about the success of group efforts rather than their own individual success. They are the classic Indians that every chief needs to have onboard. In a sales situation, they are people who like to talk about their family. They tend to socialize well with their friends and family members and, in this respect, they too make good referrers.

"High C" personality types are conscientious thinkers. They think a process through from beginning to end before making a decision. Never make the mistake of trying to close a High C on the first telephone conversation, or in the first appointment. They need time to dot all the I's, cross all the T's, and analyze things to a significant degree. They respond much better to an analytical approach and desire the straight scoop.

More information is forthcoming on how to use DiSC testing and personality profiling to perfect your sales approach and build better relationships with your team members and referral partners!

Watch for more strategies I use to understand my clients' needs and provide stellar customer service!

* The Platinum Rule TM is a registered trademark of Dr. Tony Alessandra. DiSC® is a trademark of Inscape Publishing, Inc.

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Comment balloon 3 commentsJoe Gonzalez • March 31 2008 10:00AM


I've seen this a few times back in my college days, but like most of the stuff I learned in college, I never put it to use. With the exercises we did, I was always sortof back and forth between a "C" and an "I" person. I think everyone has a little bit of all these characteritics, but most will lean more in one or two directions.

The analytical side of me is why I enjoy doing appraisals, but I have heard from several people over the years that I would make a great agent. I usually respond with "Why, are you looking to sell?"

Posted by Benjamin Smith, Atlanta Area Appraiser (Apex Appraisals & Consulting) almost 12 years ago
I am the typical entrepeneur sales person type who is an off the chart D & I with very low S & C.  These reports are extremely accurate though. The more you know about your people, the easier it is to work with them!
Posted by Joe Gonzalez, NMLS# 126036 (610) 739-6563 (CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC NMLS #3029) almost 12 years ago
Many different psychologists and marketing groups have come up with categorizing personality types.  I worked with someone who read alot about the Rules of Attraction.  Even with all the data, we just don't click with everyone.  When my partner and I meet or interview potential clients we find that the client will always be drawn more to one or the other. This how we split our clientele. 
Posted by Peter Wolf (Coldwell Banker) almost 12 years ago