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Sell Yourself to Prospects - Be a Great Listener


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No matter what type of business you are in, your prospect has the option to select from a variety of competitors within the same marketplace. You must set yourself apart from your rivals, and it all starts by having the ability to listen attentively to each and every new prospect. You must hone in on what their needs are and what their idea of great customer service is.

Have you ever been interested in a product that seemed superior in every aspect, but you just didn't like the pushy salesperson? Learn from their bad example! Let your prospects do the talking, and pay attention to what they have to say. Give the prospect an opportunity to reveal their hot buttons, and provide insight regarding their likes and dislikes. Build common ground by asking them about their hobbies and special interests. Ask them about their favorite TV shows or sports teams.

Remember the adage coined by Mike McNight: "People don't really care how much you know until they know how much you care." Your expertise will fall into play only after the foundation for building a relationship has been established.

Look for details that can spark questions. If you meet in a clients home, details will become immediately apparent. If your meet at your office, look for class or wedding rings, even clothing, that might inspire them to disclose more information about themselves.

Once you've struck a chord, you can present your product or service with more confidence. Instead of saying things like, "If you choose to do business with me," try saying something along the lines of, "When you sign the papers..." This is positive, but not overly pushy. Reiterate their hot buttons, confirming that you listened carefully to what they had to say, and you know what their end goal is. Make it clear that you wish to help them achieve that goal.

Don't be afraid to assume the sale or the next point of contact. Consider the approach your dentist takes. He doesn't ask if you'd like a check-up in six months; he has you schedule it while you're in his office! Make sure you and your staff provide exemplary service every step of the way to prove your commitment to this new client.

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Advice I got from my grandfather when I was about 15.  Never speak if you have a chance to listen.  Those were great words and have helped me many times.
Posted by Gary McAdams (GMAC Schwartz Property Sales) almost 12 years ago