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Personality Profiling - High I: The Influencer


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The "I" in DiSC® personality profiling stands for influencer. High I's are charismatic and magnetic. They are outgoing, social people. They are often the life of the party, and they have the ability to influence others with their charm.

Handle High I profiles with energy and enthusiasm. If you have a client who is a High I on the other end of the line, you want to talk to them about things they are passionate about. This plays into their personality and makes them want to spend more time talking to you. If you have a referral source or a client who is a High I, understand that they love social interaction. Personal, hand-written thank you cards and testimonials are some things that play into their personality very well.

General Characteristics
High I personalities are very talkative. They are relational and people-oriented. They are the type of people who like to have a conversation about how their weekend was. They can go on and on about it! By nature, they are very optimistic. They provide great value to their team because they are good listeners, and they are good friends to their fellow team members. They motivate others to achieve their goals and are very supportive of people who are striving for success. They have a great sense of humor.

Communicating with a High I
High I personalities are motivated by popularity and acceptance. A pat on the back or a reward will go a long way with a High I. Give them the opportunity to verbalize their ideas, but know that they need assistance in finding ways to turn talk into action. They are motivated by a friendly environment, and freedom from rules and regulations. They do not like to be put into a structured situation, and they are motivated by new experiences and relationships.

Positive Characteristics
High I personalities are instinctive communicators. They are, for the most part, very enthusiastic team players who do well in job positions that allow them to interact with others. They respond well to the unexpected, and willingly offer their opinion whenever asked for it. They thrive in group activities and a professional and social work environment.

High I personalities lack organizational skills. They prefer to let their friendships dominate their time. They may not follow through on details, and also may have a problem being self-motivated. They need someone else to provide structure in their work environment, as they will not look to do that on their own.

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