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Personality Profiling - High S : The Loyal Supporter


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According to the DiSC® Personality Profiling model, the High S personality type is defined by loyalty, dependability, and compassion. People classified as High S add a personal touch, and are the Indians that every Chief needs on the team. Their mission is to serve, and they like to be commended for it.

General Characteristics
High S personalities are understanding and friendly. The value they provide to a team is reliability and dependability. They are loyal team workers, and are compliant towards authority. They are patient and sympathetic listeners.

Communicating with a High S
High S personality types are looking for long-term relationships. Their offices and desks are surrounded by photos of their family and friends. These are warm people who will show the patience to have an in-depth conversation, not only with your referral sources, but also with your clients, striving to understand what is important to them. They deal with the heart, and their mission is to serve.

A High S does not respond well to an aggressive approach, so avoid being confrontational. They are not argumentative people. They work best in a stable, predictable environment, and do not tend to work well in a commission structure. They like to stand on solid ground.

Positive Characteristics
The High S is full of common sense. Their loyal allegiance to team goals makes them the perfect type to put in front of clients. They create the warm and fuzzy feeling that builds trust and comfort for the client, and carry out the vision of the leader without flaw. Their interest in establishing long-term associations aids them in developing referral relationships.

The High S takes a long time to adjust to change. They prefer stability. They hold grudges, and are typically oversensitive to criticism. Their greatest fear is loss of security. They are motivated by safety, security, and recognition for their loyalty.

When a High S has a difference of opinion with others, they will not be inclined to openly disagree, which can lead to problems in resolving issues. They will sometimes need an external motivation to set goals and achieve results.

Make sure you have at least one High S on your team to assist you in taking your business higher!

Stay tuned for the next DiSC Personality Profiling Business Booster on High C: The Compliant Engineer.

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