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Personality Profiling - High C: The Compliant Engineer


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The final DiSC® personality type is the High C. These are the analytical problem solvers of the world, whose attention to detail and task-oriented approach will keep things running smoothly and accurately.

General Characteristics
High C personalities are described as compulsively meticulous (i.e., anal). They are diligent in making sure they have no loose ends. They are always on time and intensely organized in all aspects. They keep their desks extremely clean. Their analytical approach ensures they think things through from beginning to end, which makes them methodical problem solvers.

Communicating with a High C
When you are communicating with a High C, don't make sweeping generalizations, and do not make statements without support. They will analyze what you say extensively, and will lose respect for you if you claim a reason for something without backing it up with facts.

If you have a High C on your team, you must always make sure you are providing direction clearly and concisely. They will tend to take detailed notes to ensure they know exactly what the task at hand is, and have enough information to carry it out properly. Additionally, they like to be evaluated based on achievement.

If you have a client who is a High C, remember that they like to see facts on paper and have the opportunity to digest the information accurately, and at their own pace. They won't trust a fast talker!

Positive Characteristics
High C personalities are self-reliant and creative in getting results. They maintain focus on goals, because meeting goals is the most important thing for them. They want to set an impeccable example for others, and pride themselves in their ability to be consistently accurate, dependable, and thorough. A High C will get the detailed tasks buttoned up and offer innovative ideas.

The High C's greatest attributes can also be their downfall. Their intense need to analyze facts can sometimes lead to making decisions that omit the human factor entirely! Also, they can spend too much time on something that doesn't require detailed analysis. In other words, they sometimes make a mountain out of a molehill by over-thinking a situation.

I'd love to get together with you to further explore how the concept of DiSC personality profiling can be used in your business.

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