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Marketing 101 - How to Stand Out from the Crowd



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The purpose of marketing is to obtain mental real estate. Competition is fierce these days, as consumers are bombarded with distractions from every direction. How can you make sure that your message is heard and remembered?

Communication is Key
Whether it's a company brochure, a newsletter, or a flyer, the idea is the same. You are trying to attract the reader's attention!

When you create a company brochure, produce something that's compelling. Remember, your brochure will be competing with a mountain of magazines in the waiting room. Don't hand out a standard overview of your company, with a look and feel that mirrors everything else in your industry. Create something that will "wow" the reader and help you stand out from the crowd.

Newsletters are a popular marketing tool, but their effectiveness depends upon their content. Rather than producing a lengthy piece that prattles on about your business, try to provide brief bits of interesting information. Give the reader general news and tips they can use, or at least share with co-workers around the water cooler. Success stories are an especially useful communication device. Select a difficult transaction you've completed which had a great outcome, and use it to indirectly illustrate your talents to your customers.

Utilize Your Database

Your client database is the most valuable resource you have. Do you use it to its full potential or is it merely a repository for data from past transactions?

Each contact within your database should be classified as either an active or passive lead.

  • Active leads are those who are about to make a decision, and they should be contacted frequently. Rather than calling a client to ask if they're ready to commit, try calling to provide them with information instead. Tell them about an additional feature of the item you've discussed, or bring up a different product for their consideration. Perhaps you have a special offer that might interest them. By contributing something of value to the conversation, you're able to touch base and further establish your worth as a resource.
  • Passive leads include past clients and prospects who wriggled off the hook and wound up working with someone else. These individuals should be contacted at least every thirty days. Your perseverance will impress former prospects and even assist you in winning some back! Regular communication will also ensure that past clients remember you the next time they, or their associates, need the services you provide.
Marketing has never been more challenging than it is today. Make the most of the communication opportunities you have, and you'll reap the benefits for years to come.

If you would like additional marketing strategies, please call me! I have a Gift of Knowledge Interview with marketing guru, Bill Hillestad, that I would like to share with you!

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